"Because you can't hug a tree if you can't find one."


Yay! More Trees

The local squirrels buried more acorns than they could eat last winter, so now we have a nice crop of oak saplings. Our garden is pretty big for a city lot, but way too small for an oak grove. Even when the saplings sprout up along the fences or the retaining wall, though, I don't like pulling them up like regular weeds. There is something sacred about oaks, and there are too few trees left on the block.

Luckily, my multi-talented brother came to the rescue. He carefully dug up quite a few of the little guys, and is committed to finding good homes for them. He has already planted two rescued maples at his house, and is nurturing the collection of potted oaks.
His neighborhood (next door in Queens) is really hard on trees. The streets are criss-crossed with overhead electric, telephone and cable TV wires, and street trees are regularly pruned into impossible shapes to accommodate this obstacle course.

But now the city has a plan to plant street trees in all possible locations and create 800 new "greenstreets." Hopefully this plan includes regulating those pesky wires!

(There may be more baby oaks available! Let me know, and I'll set one aside for you.)


- jesse said...

I wish I could ask for one! The tree in my tiny 10' courtyard was taken down because my landlords can no longer care for the pine needles and they declined having one put in on the sidewalk when the tree folks came around. I have on across the street and a few in adjacent backyards -- and am lucky enough to live next to a very tree-y cemetery.

Trees make such a difference.

Rejin L said...

Landlords really have their priorities mixed up. I remember when a neighbor uprooted a newly planted sidewalk tree because she didn't want to sweep the leaves! Really ignorant.
If you think of a good sapling spot, let me know.