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Field Trip

Wouldn't this make a great ad for bottled water?
These are just some of the disposable beverage bottles littering one block adjacent to my son's school. To be fair, I should mention that there are a few other schools and plenty of residences on that block. And it is probably no more littered than other blocks in the area. But it is part of the reason that I am initiating the reusable bottle project at the school.
Notice that most of these are water bottles?
But apparently, Poland Spring is a good neighbor. According to their website:
"Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water is proud to be part of the NestlĂ© Waters North America family of companies, who believe corporate responsibility is more than just good business – it's a bond we share with the communities in which we live and serve."
They even have a "Good Neighbor Policy" which includes "Working collaboratively and sharing our passion for a clean planet." It is so 21st-century-America that they can say that, yet continue to pump out new plastic products, new must-have bottle shapes, non-recyclable caps, and heavy duty plastic wrappers for their multi-packs (I just had to sweep one of these from my sidewalk).
O.K., rant over.


Steven said...


Thanks for the rant. On my desk I have two bottles of water, one I've had for several weeks, the other I bought from home two days ago. I will try to keep these two for another 2-3 weeks. We have a recycling policy at work but I do not know if they actually follow it. I will investigate. On my way home I will actively observe the neighborhood which is a mix of junky sidewalks bordering pristine condos. See what it says, and maybe see what I can do to inspire consciousness about our roles in saving the planet.

Rejin L said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steven.
There is a recycling policy at the school, too! But I don't think anyone knows about it, which doesn't help.
Isn't it amazing that we see this junky landscape everyday, so it becomes what passes for normal? Or we just feel helpless to do anything about it, so we try to ignore it?

Randi Cecchine said...

Can I buy one of the bottles from you?

What about making the marking of names on the bottles an art project? Sharpie Art! Or what other permanent marking solution?

Maybe an andy warhol- like print of a disposable water bottle?

An homage to a dying habit?

Yay blogging!!


Rejin L said...

I hadn't thought about distributing the bottles outside of the school, Randi. I'll have to look into that. And thanks for the art project suggestions, Andy Warhol is definitely in the curriculum.