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Buy Nothing Day

As far as the mainstream media is concerned, crisp fall weather is a signal that should trigger a holiday shopping frenzy. We should be spending our days going from store to store with a long list in one hand and a credit card in the other. They have even set aside November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.,) as the day we should all help the corporations meet their profit expectations for the year. Yup, "Black Friday." Google it and you'll find listings of all the deals to be found that day as well as tips for organizing your shopping. You won't find much about the U.S.'s out-of-control consumer debt, or the mountains of waste we create by buying so much more than we need.
I am not a very enthusiastic holiday celebrator, but here is one I am excited about: Buy Nothing Day. Also scheduled for November 23, BND is a day to avoid the stress, the long lines, the overspending and resource depletion. This year instead of hiding out, I plan to take action and help spread the word. Any ideas?
Happy Unshopping, everyone!


- jesse said...

But "Life Takes Visa!"

If you were going to use fliers or ad space, a coupon granting 100% off on keeping up with the Jonses' and FREE WILL WITH NO PURCHASE would be pretty funny and noticeable to retail warriors.

Rejin L said...

Jesse, I was thinking of cutting off the bottom of plastic bags (leaving just the handles) and handing them out as "free unshopping bags." Fliers sounds like a good idea, too.
What are you doing on Friday?

- jesse said...

I was going to protest in midtown for Fur Free Friday at 1pm-ish. If you need a wingman and don't have anyone, I can flier with you instead.

My email is jessecoug/yahoo

Sustainable Flatbush said...

so how did the non-shopping go with your son?

Rejin L said...

It was great. He complained non-stop about the weather, but handed out some unshopping bags and made some very insightful commentary on the video. "Don't buy anything today, not even toys! Save your money for things you really need like groceries."
It will be a few days before I get the video edited, but will post more about our adventure later this weekend.