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Making Plastic Goo

I wonder how much research the City Council did before coming up with their bag recycling proposal. Its success depends on people bringing their bags to in-store recycling bins without any incentive to do so; and not only that, but the bags really have to be returned to the same store where they came from in order to be worth anything to recyclers.

If only the City Council members who introduced this legislation were as diligent as Beth at Fake Plastic Fish. Earlier this month Beth toured her local recycling center to find out what happens to recyclables picked up from the curb. #8 in her report is particular relevant to my recent ranting and raving about the New York City plan:
"Different grocery bags are made using different "recipes." Just because they all have a #2 or #4 on them doesn't mean they are exactly alike. The plastics will have different melting points. Mixing them together can create a mess..."

Will New Yorkers do a good job of segregating our bags?

Back in the Spring, New York State Assembly member Bill Colton introduced legislation that would actually phase out the plastic bag in the whole state. It hasn't gotten very far yet, but I hope he is doing his best to follow through.

(photo: Beth Terry / Fake Plastic Fish.)


- jesse said...

Agreed - when I heard that I thought, "Thanks, Speaker Quinn. That's sure to have an excellent return rate." For a city so progressive, we are so backwards.

Rejin L said...

And I've heard some people think Bloomberg is the greenest mayor in the country, too. I wonder where he stands on this?