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NY to Recycle Plastic Bags

The New York City Council passed its Plastic Bag Recycling bill today, by a vote of 44 to 2. I wrote here and here about some of the problems with their recycling plan.

The NY Times and Council Speaker Christine Quinn addressed a pressing issue:
Consumers can drop off bags from any store, not just the one where the bin is located. “It would be terrible if you had to have your Duane Reade pile and your D’Agostino pile,” Ms. Quinn explained. “That would be a nightmare.”
I bet that's the nightmare thats been tormenting scientists and environmentalists, as well as sea turtles.

Soon we'll be
making plastic goo, because apparently the bags are not really recyclable if they are mixed together.

China passed a ban on thin plastic bags. Maybe when they see the recycling approach does not go far enough, New York's legislators will be ready to follow their lead.

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