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Growing Challenge Update: Week 3

Is the road to sustainability paved with homegrown veggies and herbs? Gardening may not be right for everyone, but we have a nice size yard (and its not paved over,) and live in a neighborhood where even agribusiness produce is hard to find. So this year I am participating in the Growing Challenge, and count on eating at least one organic and local salad this summer.

This weekend my son and I had planned to make some newspaper seed starter cups for our peppers. I had found instructions for them here and there, and they looked so easy. But when my version turned out to be too flimsy, I did a little research and turned up this brilliant idea:

Luckily, there were a bunch of toilet rolls in the recycling bin
(note to self: put out recycling this week). We quickly processed 1/2 a dozen into little cups, scooped soil into them, and lined them up in a plastic tray. After planting one seed per cup, we labeled the rolls with the date and the letter P. We watered the cups and put the tray in the window next to the tomato seeds.

Last week when we planted the tomato seeds we decided to keep our fingers crossed, because I wasn't sure exactly how old they were.


Joyce said...

I'm inspired! It's been a long time since I started seeds on my own. And the toilet paper tubes are pure genius!

Melinda said...

Wow, that's genius! They're the perfect size. I bet you could cut them in half and have double, too. I have not used newspaper because they sure look too flimsy, plus I like to water from the bottom and that seems like a disaster waiting to happen with newspaper. These look great!

Thanks for your kinds words, too. And congratulations on your new tomatoes!

marguerite manteau-rao said...

This is a great project, and a wonderful example of what needs to happen at the micro, local level to incite behavioral changes.