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Living Like Ed

Wednesday evening I was at Strand bookstore (getting my brother a copy of "The World Without Us" for his birthday - Happy Birthday Ron!). I came across a crowd gathering for a talk and book signing with Ed Begley, Jr. Ed is an actor, environmentalist and currently stars in the reality show "Living With Ed."

Ed was signing copies of his new book, "Living Like Ed" which he calls "a summary of my lifestyle from the 1970s to today – all the things that I have done and continue to do to save energy, resources etc. and live a simple and healthy life." I was impressed and very encouraged by how many thoughtful and well informed people were in the audience. Ed and Ramon Cruz (from Environmental Defense) had so many ideas and useful info to share.

A video of the talk can be seen on Strand's website. And also check out the interview with Ed that Crunchy Chicken did last August (from which I swiped the above quote) and her review of the new book here.


marguerite manteau-rao said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the great comment. I just discovered your blogs as a result. I love your personal take on thins and all the wealth of resources you so freely share. Plus I am a big fan of botany!

marguerite manteau-rao

Rejin L said...

Marguerite, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it. That post about over- consumption and kids obviously touched a sore spot for me. You are right that it is a systemic problem: we can't just change ourselves, we have to change the way our families and communities think and behave. It is hard to be patient with them, though (and I guess they feel the same about us).