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New York City to Recycle Electronics

Last week the City Council approved a new electronics recycling bill. The NYTimes calls it "one of the toughest electronics recycling laws in the nation." I am a little skeptical, considering what a wimpy plastic bag recycling bill (and here) the same City Council recently passed.

I didn't have time to wade through the complexities of the proposal yet. It seems to put a lot of the burden on the manufacturers, which is great if it will encourage them to design their products to last longer and be more repairable and recyclable. But I wonder what it will mean for corporations to design and run recycling programs: will it create opportunities for them to advertise their greenness? Will my recycling bin have a big logo on it? Shouldn't the City be the one to design such a program, rather than leaving such an important responsibility to corporations which, let's face it, are more concerned with their bottom line than they are with resource management or the environment?

Check out Sustainable Flatbush's round up from the last few days about this and other recent environmental developments in New York.
(Thanks, Anne.)


Lynn said...

I had missed this news - glad I learned about it on your site!
I'm cringing when I think of all the TVs that will be thrown out when the big switchover is made!

Lynn from organicmania.com

Rejin L said...

That is a frightening thought. So much perfectly good equipment will be cast aside just so people can get a clearer picture! Yikes!