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Growing Challenge Update: Week 5

Not much to report this week, I have just been watching my sprouts grow. Some of them, anyway. The very casual approach does not seem to have worked for the beans (which any school kid can grow in a cup, right?) Maybe they were from a bad batch. Just in case, I had better read up on how to start seeds indoors.

Meanwhile, the tomato seedlings are getting big enough to transplant, the basil (pictured above) are doing nicely, and the peppers have finally sprouted.
I better start thinking about where I am going to put everything.

Spotted a new kind of bird in the yard, too: sparrow sized, but bluish gray with a bright yellow beak. One of these days we'll get a bird book so we can identify our visitors.


Melinda said...

So cute! Bummer about the beans, though. I have much better luck planting them out in the yard, but you may need to wait until it get a little warmer....

But who am I? My tomatoes haven't even sprouted yet (oh please oh please oh please).

- jesse said...

Looks great so far! I'm going to try to grow tomatoes and basil only. But I have the Black Thumb o' Death so even that will be a challenge!